-How can I place an order?

Surf the web-shop, choose your products and add them to the cart, when you are done, follow the checkout procedure, there you can choose to create an account or proceed as a guest. The Order is placed and will be shipped once the payment is completed.

-How can I see the status of my order?

When You log In into Your account, You can check the status of your orders in the dashboard.

-I received a wrong Item, what to do next.

If the Item on your original order is different from what You received, we will arrange to get it back and we’ll issue a credit note to you to use on the website or a total refund of the paid amount. Refund can take time depending on Your Credit Card company or Bank.

-I received a broken Item, what to do next.

Our Glass is pretty sturdy, nonetheless sh*t happen! If so, please send us a picture of the damage in 24h after receiving the broken item and we will send you a free replacement.


-What kind of payments are allowed?

At the moment we allow the following payment methods:
-Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro)

-It is safe to use my credit card on this website?

This website is developed fully compliant to the latest security and safety protocols. Please do not share your account details and always check the web address when performing an online payment  to be sure you are on a “Secure Connection” it have to starts in HTTPS (usually highlighted in green on most browsers)

-Safe and 'discreet' payment 

We will never mention any detail on your bank statement.

Applying a Discount/Coupon code

If You have a discount/coupon you can use it in the checkout process under “Discount codes”


-How long will take to receive my order,  how much the shipping will cost?

We use UPS to ensure safe and fast delivery. Time and costs depends on your shipping options. Please check the shipping  calculator during  the checkout process to get a real-time quote

-Is the package discreet enough?

Our packaging is plain white or light brown, no logos, no signs, no details about the content.
In some occasions we will include a generic “glass bottle” invoice for the Custom if required by local law (i.e. USA)

-Wrong shipping address

If You put a wrong delivery address in your order you can get in contact with us in 24h from the time you placed the order and will try to fix it, if this would not be possible than we will wait until the goods will get back to us and then we will send it to the correct address, in this case we will have to charge you the second shipment as well.

-My package is being held by Custom/Clearance agency,  what should I do?

Sometimes according to local law Customs can hold a package for inspection or because is not compliant with the locallaws. Please check carefully your local laws and regulations before placing any order.

-Weekend and Holidays Shipping times

All the orders placed during  Sun-Thu will be processed and shipped the next working day. No orders will be processed on Saturday and Sunday. During Christmas 2015 we will accept orders until the 22nd of December, any further order will be processed  from the 28th on. 

-I'm ordering a lot, is there any way to get free shipping?

Free shipping is automatically applied after reaching 300Euro in your shopping cart.


-How accurate are pictures and descriptions?

We shoot all the pictures in house, as we are the manufacturer,the details portrayed on the website are 99% accurate all the time. Of Course we’re still human being, so it’s natural especially with new products sometimes to have small differences in terms of millimeters or color shade, not much.

-I found an issue on a product description...

Thanks for pointing that out! Please feel free to send us an email so we can fix it.

-I can't find a particular product on your website, the bong is called "whatever" on XXXX.com...

We don’t give people’s or place’s names to our bongs, some of our reseller do it though, please check carefully the art. nr on those websites or just ask them to give you the reference nr of the item so you can easily find it on our website.

-How do I find replacement parts

You can check our “accessories” category.


-I tried to contact You. Why my emails are not being answered?

We do our best to answer any email promptly, sometimes there are simply too many requests. Please allow 24-48h for an email to be read by someone here and if the matter is really important you can try to call us on (coming soon) asking shishavillage assistance.

-Official Social Media pages

Our official social media pages are:

Please be aware there are a number of pages selling  our products, we are not directly affiliated with them and we can’t be considered responsible for any issue with them.

-The website (whatever.com) have your bongs on sale much cheaper than you, why?

We are manufacturing glass since 2010, some of our early customers gained special conditions and they can buy at a very competitive price, it is therefore possible for them to sell our products for a lower price compared to the rest of the market, usually this apply to promotional prices and limited offers. You are welcome to buy from them.

-I do/would like to do, reviews of your glass on my blog/youtube/instagrametc, etc…

That’s wonderful and we’d love to get in touch. If You think You got the numbers, just send us an email, be patient and someone will contact You!